David can instruct, facilitate, coach, consult, and present on many topics related to leadership, and diversity & inclusion. David specializes in the areas of team synergy and empowerment including gender empowerment.

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Vast research has proven diversity is about performance improvement...

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All David Rowell offerings are entirely customizable to the client’s needs. The how starts with a phone call or an email...

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A new book from Parity Consulting's David Rowell

Value and Voice – Solutions to Organizational Gender Balance, is the go-to resource on the topic of gender in the workplace. And the one book needed to grasp the issues and start working on solutions today. The book addresses the research evidenced issues and negative impacts of imbalance, (re)defines balance in terms of contribution and influence parity, notes the core causes of imbalance that solutions must address, and describes individual and organizational means to achieve easily implemented solutions. Topics include organizational harms, biases and devaluation, gender awareness, cross-utilization of gender traits and skills, securing a seat at the table, gaining voice, mentoring, sponsoring, gender mainstreaming and many more.

Achieving success, and maximizing results, is a product of everyone being enabled to bring all they have to the table, enabled to give the best that they have, and enabled to influence the outcomes; and such being recognized and valued in all its diverse forms. To that end contribution and influence parity is key; raising people so that all are on a level plane regardless of who they are, and empowering them to be and give their best.


A Message From David:

“I often ask my clients and workshop participants to identify one word which is indicative of who they are - what they are about; in turning the question onto myself – my word is and has always been ‘empower’. I have a heartfelt passion in seeing that everyone is treated fairly and respectfully, given the chance to be themselves fully, bring all that they have to the table, enabled to do their best and to be their best, and to achieve to their fullest potential”.  I give my best to see that that happens. When one is enabled to grow, thrive and succeed, we all are bettered”

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