David can instruct, facilitate, lead, coach, consult, and present on many topics related to leadership, diversity & inclusion, and partnership, but has specialized offerings in: Balance:  A balanced team or organization is a more powerful and effective team or organization.  ‘Balance’ means both a fully diverse and representative work force, and an equitably empowered workforce – both an optimal mix of varied skills, experience, perspectives and traits, and individuals fully empowered to contribute, influence and lead. David can help in achieving both by offering

  • Consulting to leadership on instilling proven means to progress to balance in the full of its definition.
  • Presentations on the concepts of ‘Balance’ – parity and empowerment, to the betterment of individuals, teams and organizations
  • Presentations on the value of, and means of, identifying and utilizing allies, sponsors and champions (e.g. well positioned males) to affect positive and effective balance (e.g. gender parity).

Empowerment: For any group to fully succeed all individuals of the group must be fully enabled to contribute to process and influence the outcomes. But it must be understood that all are not on a leveled plane to do so. Elevation for some is required for all to excel. Raising up of the disadvantaged (E.G. women, minorities, the disabled …) is achieved through targeted imparting of new skills, knowledge, ideas, etc… and such acting as ramps to leveled plans, where in parity all can freely utilize their talents. David can help in this ramping through:

  • Facilitation of Empowerment Workshops (e.g. Women’s Leadership Workshop) that impart new skills and perspectives that elevates an individual’s capacity to contribute and influence.
  • Facilitation of Allies and Champions Workshops (E.G. Male Ally Workshop) that explore and convey means for those in more advantaged positions to assist those in less advantaged positions to rise up and optimize their talents; and this as a gift to the whole. {note: no one can succeed on their own; here especially many organizations see the plus of allies and champions but few know how to implement such; this workshop puts focus on the ‘how’}
  • One-on-one Coaching professional sessions that help find paths forward in overcoming obstacles, releasing and leveraging talents, and enhancing leadership.

Partnerships and synergy: Teams work best when team members work at their best together – the whole greater than the sum of its parts. One piece of that equation is imparting good practices, such as communications practices, and finding processes that work best for the team. The other part is relationships, ensuring all work in partnership, achieving a synergy of individuals free of conflicts and exceling at collaboration. David can help teams of individuals succeed together by offering:

  • Facilitation of Team-Building workshops for team-leaders, and for team members. Workshops that impart team leadership practices, team skills practices and group relationship practices to achieve fully effective partnerships
  • Team/team members Counseling or Consulting, whereby specific team issues are discussed and analyzed, team problems obviated, and paths forward for the group explored, agreed to, and set on track.
Sample Offerings by the Parity Consultant