David Rowell
Consultant, Coach, Instructor, and Facilitator.

David RowellInstructor/Facilitator: David Rowell has been a career professional facilitator for a great many years, teaching leadership, women’s leadership, team-building, and diversity. David has taught classes for U.S. Federal agencies and conducted workshops across the United States and beyond in working globally with international NGOs. His audiences have included all levels of management from team-leaders to executive leadership, and have spanned the globe encompassing some two dozen plus countries.

David is knowledgeable about all factors affecting team performance, synergy, and relationships and teaches leadership skills to address any and all through situational application.  David’s instruction leverages all of knowledge, experience and perspective, this of his own as well as that of his students. “Teaching is about not only imparting new knowledge and skills, but also as much about releasing the innate talents and understandings that students already have within them.“

Coach: In working with U.N. Organizations David has given professional one-on-one coaching sessions to managers and professionals the world-over. That which is coached upon varies beyond categorization but always represents some hurdle to be overcome, or some clear path yet unseen. Success in this is brought about by establishing a trusting and communicative relationship whereby in partnership David is able to use his knowledge, experience and perspectives of the workplace to ferret out workable solutions.  “The situations and personalities may change from person to person, but the goal always remains the same – to find together a way forward not previous seen that leads the participant to however he or she defines a successful outcome”.

Diversity Program Manager:  With the U.S. Government David worked passionately as the Chair of a National Diversity Council. In this capacity David lead the diversity and inclusion program on behalf of offices and staff personal nation-wide. He led the group of National Council Representatives and led the charge with the initiatives born of the group. In working hand-in-hand with government agency executive leaders to instill, foster, and improve broad Diversity and Inclusion programs David knows what makes large diversity programs successful. “Ultimately what separates a good diversity and inclusion program from a lesser one is identifying core barriers and finding multi-pronged approaches to break them down individually. It takes creativity and perseverance, and above all getting as many passionate and dedicated people as possible to commit to results regardless of obstacles”.

Gender Specialist: David has worked steadfastly in elevating women, LGBT, and the disadvantaged as a Special Emphasis Program Manager [women, gender and LGBT], a Diversity Ambassador [women, gender and LGBT], and a leader of a Gender Mainstreaming Working Group (GMWG) with the U.S. Government. David has focused expertise in the area of gender issues and empowerment. As a leading member a federal Gender Mainstreaming Team, David worked with both the U.S. government and U.N.  World Meteorological Organization in promotion of ‘Gender Mainstreaming and gender equality principles – National and international policies and plans that address gender inequities “Both a business case and a human rightfulness case can be made for equality. And while the “fair”, “just” and “right” arguments drive me in this work I understand that elevation also yields individual and organization success. When disadvantaged underdogs become empowered heroes the full of human potential is released, and the outcomes benefit all – women, men, teams, organizations - everyone.“

Speaker/Presenter. Drawing from his extensive expertise David has enthusiastically presented at large national conference podiums and at the front of boardroom tables.  David has spoken to team relationships and synergy, gender equality and organizational balance, women’s empowerment and male allies in partnership, and more. “There is a message to heard on how all teams can come together in effective partnership through practices and relationships; and there is a message to be heard on how women can be elevated through empowerment to give organizations the gift of contribution and influence parity; and there is a message to be heard on how men can become team partners and female allies, so all are champions to the cause; and there is a message to be heard that we are all of value”.

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